Veteran, are you ready to thrive?

The power to thrive is inside of you.
It’s time to unleash it!

You are ready to take charge of your own life, do battle with your old stories, and create a life you love to live.

Hello Veteran!

You are ready! Ready to thrive with confidence as a civilian. You understand that your life is not about what you have already done, it is about what else you get to do.

Who is this coaching for?

This coaching is for you when…

  • You are ready to do the inner transformational work required to get the visible results
  • You are ready to take responsibility for your life and recognize that the only one holding you back is you
  • You are ready to be challenged in order to achieve the breakthrough you are craving
  • You are ready to invest in yourself, your growth, and what you know is possible for you.
  • You come prepared to our sessions, ready to let go of excuses, and change your patterns so you can move forward

Once you clear what is holding you back you will

  • Recognize that your identity is not tied to what you have done
  • Discover what lights you up and how to use that to create a thriving civilian life
  • Gain clarity on what you really want
  • Have the confidence to make it happen
  • Live a life of purpose and direction
  • Have the tools to show up every day as the person you want to be
  • Know that in order to thrive, you must commit to a life lived according to your own values


One-On-One Coaching Intensive


I do not promise that working together will be easy. In fact, I can assure you that it will not be. I give you what you need, not what you want. What I can guarantee are results IF you commit to the process, put in the necessary work, and consistently show up for yourself.

Four weeks of coaching with me includes:

  • A 90 minute intensive kickoff
  • Three additional 60 minute coaching calls. One per week.
  • Homework as needed
  • Email support throughout the duration of the program

Your investment is $379

As we work together, I will bring my knowledge, guidance, and unshakable belief in you. Along with a side of get your BS together!

You will bring a willingness to be coached and to step outside of your comfort zone and a commitment to do whatever it takes to transform your life.

Together we will create your kick-ass life, a life of purpose, a life you are excited to live!

I will give you everything I have but I will never want your success more than you. Your success is your responsibility.

I lost my job. This isn’t the first time this happened but, this time, it was different. When this happened in my 30’s, I bounced back quickly. Now, at 53, I took this deeply personally and I couldn’t see what was next. I was feeling that I needed something else that inspired me and felt more intrinsically aligned. However, I was feeling so hurt and humiliated that I couldn’t get clarity on defining what was next. I was stuck.

Carrie listened and provided the space to let me share the story. She heard my filters but allowed me to vulnerably share what I thought was important. She asked questions about the narrative I was using without judgment or jumping to solutions. Carrie listened and provided a perspective about my situation when it was appropriate to share it. She setup the beginning steps for me to move on from this situation and evaluate alternatives that I feared and, therefore, dismissed.


Fill out the following questionnaire and I will personally contact you to move forward.